Aggie Ring Wearing Symbolizes Unified Effect of Ring Components for Accomplishment

Wearing Aggie Ring is an old tradition in Texas A&M University, the institution that itself has association with American culture. The establishment of this institution dates back to 1876 in Texas, United States. The worth of this University is in its academic and social values, and worth of the traditions set by Aggie Network, the alumni association established in 1879. Aggie has spread its wings across the globe and managing hundreds of clubs worldwide and exceptionally large number of members.

Ring tradition in Texas A&M University

The tradition of wearing Class ring by the students in this University is quite old. They wear this Ring with the class year facing them to remember that they still have to finish their time at A&M. At the end of college studies when students are graduate, Aggie.

a&m ring

The Association of Former Students, organizes Aggie Ring Day to celebrate their achievement to receive A&M Ring, and Ring Dance ceremony when graduating students turn around their Rings to face the world. They feel proud in doing so because they are now ready to accept the challenge to face the world.

Why Ring is symbolizing

Texas A&M Ring is a great honor which is not given but achieved. It is a milestone that every student waits to achieve because wearing of this Ring carries some meaning and reputation of the alma mater. The large star is the seal of Texas state. Top of the Ring having shield symbolizes protection of alma mater’s reputation and thirteen strips in the shield represents 13 states. The eagle on top symbolizes power and dexterity for great achievements. The olive leaves wreath encircling the star symbolizes achievements and oak leaves represents fighting spirit. The joining of leaves at the bottom by a ribbon has a specific purpose. This signifies that all traits must be united to achieve one’s ambition. An ancient cannon, rifle, and saber on the other side symbolizes attributes to defend for the state and the nation.