Common Queries related to ETA

ETA has raised a lot of question among the people who are unaware of its use. Many people think that visa alone is enough to visit a new place but there are certain countries which fall under the category who qualifies the requirement of having an ETA. It indicates that every student needs to have an ETA to enter into that place.

  • If you have ETA and you are trying to use it for working in that place then it is not possible. If you indulge yourself in any kind of employment in Australia by using the ETA visa then you will be breaking the conditions of visa. If you want to work there then you will need a different kind of visa.
  • In any condition, if you lose your previous passport then you will have to make a new ETA because the entire thing works electronically. The ETA is connected to the visa and all the information is stored there so if the root is lost then you will have to remake it.

Australia eta

  • If the current visa and ETA is going to expire before you are coming back to your own country then you will have to immediately apply for a new visa. This will prevent you from staying at a place illegally.
  • If you make any kind of error related to the passport number or the name then you will have to be issued the entire thing. You will again have to pay the full price.
  • You will never be able to cancel your ETA because after the processing starts there is no way to cancel it as you have agreed to terms of services.
  • The validity of the Electronic Travel Authority is only one year.

These are some few queries that may hit your mind. So be very careful while filling the Australia eta form and make sure you are not making any mistakes.