Different types of briefcases

Nowadays you can get a huge variety of briefcase in the market. The briefcase is made by blending the traditional definition with the modern innovations and style. So there is a huge variety of briefcases which you can buy. Some of them are mentioned below.


Categories Of briefcases


  • Padfolio: It is the smallest and the thinnest of the entire briefcase. It is used for keeping minimum things that you will need during business meetings. It helps in creating a great impression. Padfolio can be carried under your arms or in hands as they do not have any handles at their top. It is only suitable for keeping the thin or flat objects


  • Portfolio: It is quite similar to the padfolio but it has the handle, and their size is different. The portfolio is better than the padfolio because it is easy to carry as it has a handle. It is quite bulkier and can carry many heavy objects in it.


  • Messenger bags: It is a casual briefcase, and it has a strap which you can carry in your shoulder. It completely compliments the professional attire and looks stylish. This bag is quite portable and is versatile and hence quite popular among the students.


  • Attaches: These are known as a traditional briefcase. It has a large size and angular in nature. Internally have two compartments which will partition on each side, and it has the maximum capacity. Businessmen love this briefcase as they are quite professional and versatile for many business events.


  • Traveling: If you are someone who has to go for many business trips, then this is the right briefcase for you. They look like the ordinary briefcase but is larger, has wheels, studier and has a handle. It can easily accommodate laptop and clothes.


The material of the briefcase is also important so don’t forget to check them. You can also buy the briefcase online for best deals. Visit https://www.briefcasebash.com  for best Briefcasebash.