Electric Toothbrush- A Revolution in Dental Care

Elektrische zahnbürste (electric toothbrush) is truly a revolution that is attracting more and more users the world over. Basically, they are like any other toothbrush, but only these are run on electricity (as the name suggests!). The bristles make a random motion in either back and forth direction or a circular path.

elektrische zahnbürste test

Ranging from sonic (run by motors) to ultrasonic (motion created by piezoelectric crystal), the modern electric toothbrushes has a standing base where the brushes can recharge after its use. The frequency range of an electric toothbrush can range anywhere between 20-20,000 Hertz, and it is on this basis that they have been classified into different types- power, sonic, ultrasonic.

Some additional features

  • Timer

Some sonic and ultrasonic toothbrushes come with this signalling system where after every 30 seconds the brush creates a buzzing sound. This indicates the right duration for brushing each quadrant of the mouth.

  • Bluetooth

Beste elektrische zahnbürste, owing to its modernity, decided to add this feature where information like how long has the brush been used, can be transmitted to other smart devices.

  • Pressure Sensors

This is another quirk where the brush either sends sound signals or stop oscillating if it is used rashly.

Does it really work?

Although some may debate this, users claim that an elektrische zahnbürste test works better than a manual toothbrush. The reason for this may be because of the fact that the gadget replaces the person’s brushing technique and effort. Critics of the product also say that the way a toothbrush is used and the time spent on taking care of one’s teeth is more important. Doctors, however, are of the view that patients with sensitive teeth and other dental issues will find electric toothbrushes to be more beneficial than the manual ones.