Energy Star Rating In Tankless Water Heaters

You might have seen that nowadays many people talk about the energy-star rating. But, do you know what it is all about. You might have seen that many appliance stores say that the specific product is energy-star rated and so it will save you money. Of course, you will find this rating even when you shop for a tankless water heater reviews.

A basic understanding:

Energy Star is nothing, but a federal program. The aim of this program is to help buyers select products for their homes that will consume lesser electricity. The outcome of using such an appliance is that you will save on your utility bills. More importantly, it will ensure a cleaner atmosphere as well. Yes, it is known for its eco-friendliness.

What does Energy Star Mean?

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy in the United States work together for identifying Energy Star Requirements for every product. It is true that the percentage of rating will differ from one appliance to another. However, in general, for an appliance to qualify for energy star rating, it should be in the top 25-33% of efficiency for the specific category. For instance, water heaters that ensure this efficiency among all water heaters available in the market will get this star rating. When you go for a product with energy star rating, you can assure that you have chosen the best tankless water heater as it will save money on your utility bills.

What to consider when evaluating energy efficiency of water heaters?

Experts recommend that you will have to consider five factors when you evaluate the energy efficiency of tankless water heaters:

  1. Warranty
  2. GPM flow rate
  3. Efficiency
  4. Size
  5. Fuel


In addition to considering the factors mentioned above, you should read reviews before shopping for any tankless water heater.