ETMA or Visa Not Always Guarantees to Entry into the United States

The introduction of electronic travel certification which is called Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) has created ease of travel to the United states for short-term trip without requiring a valid visa. This system has also been established by the Australian government also. This certification offers exemption from visa requirements to certain class of travelers from thirty-eight specified countries, through a simple online application process. The eligibility and purpose are two important factors to apply for this travel certification but cannot go along with already visa holders. You can plan your short visits for many purposes that include your personal and commercial visits. The certification also facilitates you to participation in short planned events, competitions, sports, conferences/seminars, and reunions/get-togethers. It is necessary to register エスタ even if you go through the US on the way to go to a third country other than America.

Applying for ESTA

ESTA application can be submitted online by visiting on official website You can login to this website, check your eligibility, enter your information, pay service fee online by using your debit/ credit card, and submit the details. The process is very simple and payment system is protected by encryption. Your application is processed in couple of hours and you get confirmation on your email along with status of your application. In most cases, there is approval of the application but chances of rejection are also there.


Refusal to enter after travel certification

The confirmation of travel certification is not everything but the ultimate decision is officially entered by the customs border guard office examiner at the entry area. This may sometimes result in travel authorization refusal, and visa application and acquisition may be the requirement at the US embassy in such case. Thus, travel certification and visa are not always firm confirmations to enter in the United States which depends on final immigration judgement.