How to spot a loved one with addiction problems

Most addicts will never admit about their addiction problems. Hence it is up to the family or their friends to help them get professional help from rehab centers or places like Sage Recovery and Wellness Center. Only this can turn their lives around. Without help they would only get buried deeper into this habit. But before taking this further, how do you know for sure that the person is really a drug addict or not? Here we have given you some signs that you could look for –

Signs to look for in a drug addict –

You can also get some ideas from Every kind of drug addiction can be different. However, there are some symptoms which are common for all kinds of substance abuse. A person who abuses some kind of substance becomes very self-involved. They tend to lose interest in family happenings, friends and other activities around them. They might have found certain activities or hobbies very interesting at one time. But suddenly they lose interest in them. If you look at them carefully, you might notice that their eyes are bloodshot or their pupils are dilated. They also lose their temper easily, become very irritable and have sudden, odd mood swings. In order to support their drug habit they might be stealing some money from the household. Or they could even be borrowing from other friends and family. They may not be able to explain their absences convincingly and would probably lie about their whereabouts. Quite frankly these signs may not be the same for all. You need to go with your gut feeling and help your loved one if you so suspect them to be abusing drugs.

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What to do?

If you are convinced of the above, you need to support them and give them a helping hand. Do not lose your temper. Instead, seek professional help from centers like Sage Recovery Austin. Such therapeutic centers would give you advice and help you with your approach.