Infrared contact lenses – Poker cheating tool

The infrared contact lenses are special card gambling tool, likewise the invisible ink is also used in poker playing cards as a special tool for cheating the players. The working principle of the infrared contact lenses is that these eyewear lenses are used for seeing the unseen luminescent ink markings present at the back of the poker card. Hence when you wear the infrared optics then you can check out the secret card marking in the rear or middle side of the poker cards or you can able to see the tailored marks that you want in the poker card but these marking can be seen only through the infrared contact lenses. Infrared contact lenses sold at low prices

The infrared contact lenses are used as a cheating tool and it comes with different sizes where the markings made on the poker cards will not be visible to from the human with naked eyes. According to your eye color you can choose the most suitable infrared contact lenses. Although if your cheating card marking contacts have the red filter in the middle then it covers your pupil in which still you can keep the original color of thee card marking to the greatest extent. So it is very much important that you should find a suitable invisible ink contact lenses during the casino play only then you can win the casino card game very safely.
The infrared contact lenses and glasses usage in gambling
• The infrared contact lenses and glasses products are specifically used as a cheating tool in playing of cards gambling. In which here a special kind of the invisible ink is used for card markings where this markings can be seen only through marked card glasses or luminous ink contact lenses.
• The invisible ink kits for marking on the playing cards comes with different materials in which the infrared marked cards are also available in the magic store where you can buy and make use of it while you playing the poker card games.
No matter what kind of the tricks you do with the marked deck of cards you can find them all in the ink invisible contact glasses and lenses system. These two devices are found to be the best poker cheating devices on the Texas baccarat, Omaha and Hold’em. Using these devices are very easy where just you need to wear it on your eyes and you can able to see the invisible markings made on the poker cards.