Planning to Visit Australia?Get An Idea of the Itinerary!



It is common knowledge that if a person wants to visit a foreign country, he or she has to apply for that country’s visa. A visa is a document which allows a person to stay in a foreign country for a certain period. In some countries, if a person has a passport, they are allowed to visit some countries without a visa. The passport itself acts as a document for passage.

To enter and stay in Australia, even if you possess a passport that does not warrant a visa, you have to apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization or ETA.

What is an ETA?

An ETA is a mandatory document that a person who has visa exemption must possess while travelling to Australia. Since the commencement of Australia ETA in 1996, a person possessing it can stay in Australia for up to three months.

Individuals belonging to the countries of Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and the United States of America are visa-exempt and can apply for an ETA.If you are travelling to Australia for travel or conducting business, it is obligatory to hold an ETA.

Electronic travel Authority

How to apply for it?

It is fairly simple to apply for an ETA. If you belong to any of the mentioned countries, you can simply apply online. If you have your passport, credit card and an email address handy, you will face no hassle to get the ETA online. Even though getting them is not much difficult, it is better to apply for an ETA as soon as you make plans to visit Australia. The authorities have to approve it without which your entry into the country will be barred.

How does the ETA work?

An ETA is unnecessary if you already have an Australian visa. However, if you don’t and if you apply for an ETA, you must apply it at least 72 hours before your flight in exchange for a service fee. After obtaining and getting approval for the ETA, your passport will be electronically connected to it.

Thus, it is wise to apply an ample amount of time in hand.