Rules and regulation to access the gambling sites online

The online gambling sites are the best to give you an awesome experience. Since the members of these sites invest real money. The website is beautifully designed so you have an eye-pleasing experience with the site.

There are certain regulations at the situs domino qq which are as follows:

  • The candidate should be at least 18 years of age or above that.
  • In order to maintain your own safety try to maintain the minimum privacy of the personal identity and password.
  • In case you forget your password then contact the customer care service immediately and speak with the live chat executive in order to request a password change.
  • The balance which you are transferring amid accounts should be equal as that of the name as shown in the account and the listed account number.

situs domino qq

  • The players which are responsible for their actions associated with other players are questionable to the law set by a country. Players Responsible for your own actions in relation to any player country law.
  • In each case of dispute both the partners involved in playing should understand and also consent that there will be executives who will intervene in the dispute.
  • All the players are accountable for any kind of transactions in their account. Prior to transaction always double check the details to simply avoid the faults ahead of any confirmation. This is because once the entry is made it cannot be modified.
  • The bandar dominoqq decrease the general rules as mentioned earlier and declared, “We are not liable for anything in the event of Force Majeure and or the occurrence of failure events, damage or loss of data on the central server system”.
  • In case of any breakdown, deferral, defeat, lapse or any damage caused due to poor internet connection or improper data communication, the agen domino qq will not be accountable.
  • The decision is final and complete in all circumstances.