Terrorism and its spread over the whole globe

There is always a two side of coin and for society also while there are good people working for betterment of it, there are some anti-social element which are trying to uproot its concept. If we see the one big such issue over the whole globe that is due to wide spread rise of epidemic know as Terrorism. Terrorism has shocked all the countries of world. The most powerful country like U.S.A is also shocked by it and as such we need not to take it lightly as it has shown its presence to all the people of the world. In this situation it becomes important to know the stance of each country against such decision of terrorism.

Foundation for Defense of Democracies

If you follow some social sites such as Facebook then you will find the opinion of some good society like Foundation for Defense of Democracies active there and sharing their opinion on same. This is good as you will know how the democracy is working and how government is planning to take the action against these antisocial things. Terrorism has made its strong root and should be addressed by all nation together in serious tone. As such this needs a serious agenda from our country government as well so that it forms an impact. This was also clear with the CIA director interview with Foundation for Defense of Democracieson how it is going to impact the decision of government.

There are continuous funding’s to these anti-social things and first it needs to be stopped. Also all government of world should come together and show the real strength in fighting these things. All this is only going to stop this or otherwise we are going to hear more in news about such things and its widespread in whole world.