Trendy abayas Are Real Solution for Women That Hate Wearing Traditional Abaya

Women’s modesty is viewed as a sensitive factor in Islamic culture because men relates it with weakness or insecurity. Religious leaders feel that a woman is weak to protect herself from bad eyes of unfamiliar men who are likely to harm respect or dignity of womenfolks. The culture of some Islamic nations has specified a costume such as burqa that covers entire body including face of the woman except her eyes, hands, and feet. The sex barrier has allowed men to take advantage of ruling over women and to impose restrictions of wearing specific costume that covers entire body. This doesn’t mean that there are no sex-related crimes in Islamic nations and whether this full body covering costume is helpful to protect women from bad eyes of men.

Is wearing of abaya really an obligation

The advocates and qualified scholars of Islam are unanimous on the statement that dress code is a mandate for men and women, but this this mandate is not strictly enforced on men. The law of Arab nations mandates wearing of abaya by women against a woman’s wish.

Open abaya

Wearing of black abaya is a tradition that must be followed by all women in Arabian nations. There is no religious evidence that provides for wearing this dress and even over 90% pious women are not in favor of wearing this dress. When fulfilling this condition is an obligation, there is no place for fashion because fashion relates to diverse styles and colorful clothing.

The solution

The solution is available for fashion conscious Arabian women. Open abaya, the innovative form of traditional dress has become a favorite of fashion-conscious Arabian women across the globe. The use of open abayas is not only prevalent in Arabian nations but also among Arabian women living in other parts of the globe. Open abayas can be referred to as trendy abayas to wear with other dresses and on different occasions.