Vocabulary related to Poker game

If you are playing poker casually still it is very much mandatory for a player to know about poker’s vocabulary.


  • Check

It means not to bet and here you will be scrutinizing what the players are performing. If you have not made any bet then only you can check and if you have made it then you can only raise or call.

  • Flop

It indicates that the community card which is flipped during the time when the dealer has already burned another card. It mainly includes three cards.

  • Fold

It is used for forfeiting the cards as well as the bets which one has been used previously.

  • Hole cards

This is also known as pocket card and it signifies the very first two cards which are given to every player.

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  • Kickar

It means that there is an unpaired card which is used for determining a better hand if any one or more than one players is having the same pair, two pairs or three. The kickar of the highest card will win the pot. For example, if any two players are having a single ace within their cards and there is another ace on the table which will make the pair so the player who is having the highest card will get that kickar and will win.

  • Pot

It signifies that all your money has now been handed in the hands of Poker.

  • Raise

It signifies that current bet has been increased.

  • River

The final and fifth community card which was turned after the dealer has already burned another card.

  • Suited

If two full cards are coming from the same suit.

  • Turn

It signifies the card of the fourth community which was turned after the dealer has already burned another card.

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